Improving Operations

Based on long-term successful expertise with industry best practices, market & customer expectations, service delivery options & restrictions and technological opportunities conpros supplies holistic business strategies and improvement master plans. Our unique approach provides your individually optimized solution considering processes, organization, staff , equipment and technology to achieve differentiating USPs.

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Motivating by Feedback and Performance Insights

SLAs (service level agreements) are industry standard to contract services and to measure operational and commercial performance. More and more service levels are “enforced” by challenging customer contracts and airports focused on achieving best pax experience. conpros cloud-based or on-premise operational dashboard solution SPIQE (Service Performance Improvement and Quality Enhancement) visualizes the essential KPIs (key performance indicators), creates awareness across all staff and, by thus, implements them in daily operations for best business success.

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PMO – Key to Project Success

conpros’ unique PMO concept is the result of the long-term, world-wide practical experience in managing complex technical, infrastructural and organizational projects for the aviation industry and beyond. The individually tailored PMO approach and organization will be a best-fit to your specific needs in knowledge transfer and support to assure a successful project spanning from first planning phases to going live. 

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Erfolgreiche IT-Projekte im Öffentlichen Dienst

Das in langjähriger Projektpraxis speziell für Behörden (Bund, Land, Kommunen) und in Unternehmen im öffentlichen Besitz entwickelte, tool-gestützte Verfahren der nutzerbezogenen Anforderungsdefinition und revisionssicheren Vergabe wird nun auch als Standardprodukt angeboten. Erfahren Sie, wie Ihre IT-Projekte dadurch sicherer und wirtschaftlicher werden und die beschaffte Lösung am Ende wirklich Ihrem Bedarf entspricht.  
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Wg. des Branchenschwerpunktes "Aviation" ist das conpros-Informationsangebot im Internet weitestgehend in Englisch mit zweisprachigem Inhalt auf der Startseite. Projektsprache ist kundenabhängig Englisch, Deutsch oder die jeweilige Landessprache mit regionalem Partner. Informationen zum Leistungsangebot für Behörden und öffentliche Unternehmen sind in Deutsch verfügbar.

Due to the market focus on aviation our website is widely in English. Information on specific services for government agecies and public companies is provided in German. The project language depends on customer requirements: Engish, German or the applicable local language based on regional partnering.

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Meet our Experts in Cologne at Stand 10000

conpros teamed-up with Foxstream and predictive layer showing at stand 10000 how to operationalize technology for successful business by aligning people, processes and technology for an optimized, individual business solution.

Learn how our proven advisory & technology services will help you in achieving competitiveness along the entire airport livecycle, from planning future-proof greenfield airports and terminal expansions to optimizing performance in airport and ground services operations.

Deep practical aviation industry insights across all stakeholders combined with state-of-the-art business management concepts, international project management and technology expertise from proven solutions to latest developments create the added-value your company is looking for.